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eFiles Enterprise - Benefits & Features

Fully integrated services "all in one"

Web based managemenet information system eFiles Enterprise will help you to solve all activities of modern companies such as contextual works with client data (CRM features), goods and services purchasing and selling, conducting of accounting procedures, property filling and many others. In combination with the eFiles Document system, keeping of various filings in Excel or Word tables will become past.

Web access and intranet portal

Easy operation and zero installation of the software into client computers will save your costs. The system can also be comfortably used via mobile phones or other low-capacity data connections.

Intuitive operating

The work with this unique system is easy and the time needed for schooling is minimal. Web based managemenet information system eFiles Enterprise is a real software for people. Schooling and support almost always concern specific processes in the company and their interlacing into the information system.

Natural team cooperation

Many easily manageable tools for higher effectivity and speed of your company's communication including the possiblities to evaluate working activities inside the company.

Client centre (CRM) in the task system

Thanks to sophisticated CRM (client centre) you will synoptically know everything about your clients. Client data are evaluated according to concrete formulas into an understandable interpretation, therefore your workers see at first sight what kind of a client they speak to. Interconnection with the task system leads to faster reactions to given situations and therefore to high satisfaction of your clients.

Free, natural and safe work

The user's work is no way limited. Web based managemenet information system eFiles Enterprise supports wide possibilities of data searching, user reports and statistics or mass correspondence according to any criteria. Corrections, deletions or clearings are automatically filed.

Really open conception

On the server side you can freely choose the preferred solution. Do you understand Linux's advantages, do you believe in open source? Are you fed up with caring about filing and license purchasing, do you want to have a choice from a variety of tools, which are free (e.g. online backing up)? Choose Linux version. If you already own the necessary Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server licences, and do not want to create a multiplatform environment in your net, we have a solution for Microsoft Windows platform for you.

eFiles grows with you

With eFiles, you have an open way. Small companies will choose eFiles Basic, bigger ones eFiles SQL. Moreover, small companies get lifelong upgrade for free from us! eFiles can be used also via mobile terminals PDA or MDA as mobile solution with delivery optimalisation and route planner Proper Mobile. For document filing (document management system) and workflow management, there is eFiles Document, thanks to which you will synoptically know about all documents in your company.

Attested quality

By choosing the system eFiles, you get a 11-year-old attested solution. eFiles is used by a variety of companies - trade organisations, manufacturing corporations, non-profit organisations. Reference will be provided upon request.

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Benefits & Features  |  Presentation  |  Demo


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