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Software for people (philosophy of the company)

We always believe it can work more simply and economically

Why do we develop software? We believe it is possible to do it more simply, simplify the system operating, setting and managing, as well as user extension creation.

We believe software should bring savings, and in cases when we control the implementation it is always so - savings that can be enumerated.

And finally, we believe in attested technologies. We don't use novelties only because they are new. Instead, we have already in 2001 sticked on web, portal solutions, SQL databases and supporting open source (Linux) platforms.

Introduction of a new software has to be pleasure

  • average implementation time in a company with not more than five users: 4 hours
  • average implementation time of a SQL solution for a company with 10 users: 25 hours

Within the scope of implementation, we always do server installation, system setting according to your needs, setting of user accounts including rights and train your workers.

More than 90% of new users, who come to a company where eFiles is already implementated, don't pass any schooling. This is one of the immediate savings you get.

All the extensions quickly, cheaply or by self-help

Look round the information system market and you will not find a solution that would be really as open as ours. A new, specific filing integrated into your system can be created within a few hours by us.

We will school your IT workers so that they could create user forms and reports quickly and easily. No expensive application interface, certification or long schoolings are needed for it. A typical "systemic" schooling takes one schooling day - 6 hodin.

Potency and beauty consist in simplicity

We trust basic well-attested technologies and standards. Our software is not a modern component mix, it is a simple core, which utilises web for data displaying and input and SQL databases for data saving.

The core offers service than can be used by anybody (to create a delivery note, invoices etc.). It is a well-attested solution - all operating systems are conceived in the same way since the very beginnings up to the present day.


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