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eFiles Mobile was replaces by a brand new product. Fast, cloud based solution, with more great feaures and functions.

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eFiles Mobile - Benefits & Features

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Delivery visualisation Real time processing On-line access

The only complex logistics solution in the market

As the only product in the market, the route planner eFiles Mobile brings you a complex system for the solution of your logistics. None of competing solutions will provide you with so many interconnected advantages.

Web portal for clients

Your clients can watch the status of the orders, view history, or in case of need, communicate on-line with your dispatching centre. What features(invoice viewing, refund watching) you provide to your clients depends on you only.

Dispatching module with integrated map

The heart of delivery route tracking. An easy delivery optimising by means of an integrated map (automatically according to the entered criteria).

Hence you know the arrival times in advance and therefore you:

  • are in advance of competing firms: you can inform your clients much better
  • have a control instrument

Mobile terminal for drivers

For a fraction of the price of a solution for national and supranational companies (Czech Post, DHL,…), you will get comparable features and advantages. As a mobile terminal, you will use ordinary PDA / MDA worth from six thousand CZK. Information for drivers (when, what and where to deliver) are perfectly well arranged, the training time is minimal.

Document printing (also) directly at the client

It will depend only on you whether you will decide to print the documents (invoice, delivery note) instantly after the delivery of the goods at the client, or in the central office on the basis of data collection by mobile terminals.

Stockroom filing and accounting automatically

The mobile terminal automatically transfers the data about processed delivery items to the central server, where stockroom movings, cash, active debts etc. are accounted.


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