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1 Feb 2007

We launch a new website

We hope it will be easy and comfortably to use for you. We have thought more about the content and its arrangement and decided for a profound process called SEO . Nevertheless, if you come across even the slightest problem, please contact us.

20 Jan 2007

For May 2007 we announce a eFiles SQL XP Edition upgrade

We announce a release of an upgrade for eFiles SQL XP Edition. In case you have some wish concerning new features that should be included in the upgrade, write us on

5 Jan 2007

A eFiles Basic XP Edition upgrade released

Along with introducing the Lifelong upgrade for free system, we have released the first upgrade for free. All clients of ours will receive a manual and an installation CD from us by post.

In case you haven't received the upgrade for free, send us an e-mail on with the company name and the address you want the upgrade to be sent to. After checking our database we will send you the upgrade behindhand.


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