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eFiles Document - Benefits & Features

eFiles is a comprehensible, easily adjustable and extensible document management system and workflow management. eFiles enables a fast transfer of current documents such as contracts, mails, faxes, question forms, HR filings etc. into a unified secured system accessible via a web interface.

Document management system eFiles Fultext search Workflow management
Document management system Fultext search Workflow management

Organisation of documents without schooling

All you need to work with eFiles you already know. Document saving, change watching, file access logging and the moving of documents within one workflow are performed by eFiles automatically.

Fast search

By means of fulltext filtres and from any document location. (For example, you can choose that the word "Novák" is to be searched only in contracts concluded in 2004.)

Automatical document audit

eFiles automatically records document accesses and all changes. You never lose anything, all previous versions can be found in the archive. By means of a unique revision number you instantly find the current document version.

Document history in context

Together with the history of changes, you can view also historical versions of attached files. eFiles can therefore be utilised also as a sophisticated file sharing tool, because older versions of the files are kept, too.

Easy transfer of forms from MS Word or MS Excel

eFiles will offer you prearranged styles and templates (of course, you can modify them as you like), so the transfer contains only of inserting input fields into an existing form.

Workflow management

Ease of the operating and simplicity of the solution challenges the utilisation of document workflow. eFiles enables movement of the document along a defined "way" and assign a special displaying and user rights to specific statsues (e.g. refused, accepted etc.).

Easy setting of acces rights

Just choose the place in the document tree structure and set a right to write, to read, or remove current rights.

Development environment

The core of eFiles is a specialised development environment, ready to perform the above mentioned features. However, there are many more posibilities. eFiles can be utilised to create your own redaction system, specialised system e.g. for insurance contract filing, company's intranet or unique e-shop. Ask for system presentation and you will learn more.

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Benefits & Features  |  Presentation  |  Demo


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